Bennabis Health and CERI announce the formation of a strategic partnership


In March 2021, Bennabis Health and The Cannabis Education and Research Institute (CERI) announced the formation of a strategic partnership to adapt evidence-based research in cannabis for patient education.  Don Parisi, President of Bennabis Health, “We are very excited to partner with Dave and his team. CERI is the foremost organization in conducting research in medical cannabis. Our access to CERI’s research and quality initiatives is key to our mission to reduce cost, increase access and promote health plan coverage for patients who benefit from marijuana as medicine.”  Dave Knowlton, CEO of CERI added,  “Bennabis Health’s broad reach to individuals, disease-specific patient groups and health plans will enable us to share education and research with all stakeholders to increase the adoption of cannabis as medicine.” Bennabis Health and CERI are committed to sharing scientific evidence and best practices to promote health plan and employer coverage of medical marijuana. Content curated from CERI’s research may be found in the free education and member sections of Bennabis Health’s website.

For more information, please contact [email protected]