How Does Bennabis Health Membership Benefit Me?

Access to our Network Dispensary Discount
Reliable Educational Content Curated & Created for You

Whether you are:
CURIOUS about medical cannabis and learning how it could benefit you;
READY to obtain your medical card, receive dispensary discounts and learn more about what strains and methods of consumption may be best for you; or an
EXPERIENCED medical cannabis user who would benefit from discounted products and a more in depth knowledge of medical cannabis, providing you with a deeper connection to the community surrounding you;

Bennabis Health is here to serve your needs.

Bennabis Health is the first healthcare company in the US offering a membership program for patients who have a medical cannabis card. If you could benefit from medical cannabis and don’t have a card yet, it’s time to learn how medical cannabis is right for you.

Here at Bennabis Health we are a team of patients, advocates, educators, lawyers, medical and healthcare professionals on the forefront of cannabis medicine and education with a focus on the patient. Our patient-centric values have inspired us to create this member based community to be your credible source to all things cannabis – from safe access to your medicine to support groups, classes, podcasts, curated content and more!

Our staff is here to advocate and educate on your behalf. Understanding that cannabis medicine may be new to you and the entire process can sometimes be overwhelming, we strive to make this a comfortable, empowering, safe & uplifting experience for you.

Our goal is to make medical cannabis more affordable and accessible, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Bennabis Health members enjoy a discount on their medical cannabis at our network dispensaries. We are working to make medical cannabis a covered benefit just like other prescriptions so keep checking back on our progress there!

Membership includes:
Discounts on medical cannabis at network dispensaries;
Reliable Educational Content: our experts drown out the noise of the internet, personalizing your experience and helping you focus on what is important to you.
Access to our Resource Center – a place for you to learn, share, feel safe, become comfortable on your journey and fluent in your understanding of cannabis medicine, including support and discussion groups, classes, podcasts and more;
Access to Original content created by our resident experts;
Community connections.

Bennabis Health is just getting started and our entire focus is you, the patient. We are here to serve the needs of our members and assist you in gaining a better quality of life.

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