How Will Bennabis Health Benefit Employers?

By helping employers improve the healthcare of your most valuable asset: your employees

Medical cannabis is now legal in 39 states and counting…and 6 states require workers’ compensation carriers to reimburse patients for their prescribed medical marijuana. Medical marijuana coverage is gaining steam throughout the country.

Depending on your location, employers who are self-funded for health benefits may be able to provide reimbursement to employees or their dependents who need medical marijuana to manage their health.  

Were you considering offering medical marijuana as a covered benefit for your employees?  Has your state already required coverage in certain situations? Did you have concerns about the potential exposure to federal risk by doing so and not know where to turn? Bennabis Health is here to manage dispensary transactions which both reduces your employees’ out of pocket costs and provides you with a layer of protection from uncertain federal risk.

Bennabis Health makes it easy to add medical cannabis to your employee benefits by:

Doing the heavy lifting, contracting with dispensaries in your area for employee discounts

Taking care of all the paperwork

Working directly with the dispensary 

Paying the dispensary directly and providing you a simple invoice for the balance due to Bennabis Health after the patient pays their portion

Providing ongoing education and information for your employees through the Cannabis Education & Research Institute (CERI), our science research partner, podcasts and more!

More and more, employees in all industries are benefitting from medical marijuana as an adjunct to their care for chronic diseases, pain, cancer, neurological disorders, anxiety and more.

Medical marijuana coverage can lower an employer’s overall healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism or presenteeism and demonstrate your commitment to the “whole and best treatment health” of your employees.

There has recently been interest in evaluating the cost-benefit of including medical marijuana as a covered benefit in self-insured plans. Medical marijuana is often used to control symptoms related to chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, chronic back pain, and even nausea associated with certain chemotherapies-exactly the conditions that raise premiums and per employee costs. As more information becomes available about use of marijuana as medicine, the question of including medical marijuana as a covered employee benefit will be increasingly asked. To date, the cost-benefit information has been limited, but a recent report suggests that the cost of coverage may be quite low.

Not only can medical cannabis cost less, it can also have far fewer side effects than many of the prescription drugs it replaces.  The opioid crisis provides a perfect example of mainstream drugs that medical cannabis can and should replace. 

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