How Will Bennabis Health Benefit Dispensaries?

By increasing your customer base

Bennabis Health is a new company that is building a selective network of preferred dispensaries for a new concept we are calling a Preferred Cannabis Organization (PCO).  It is very similar to a medical Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO, in concept.

We launched our Membership Program on March 1, 2022. The Membership Program provides medical cannabis patients (or those eligible to become medical cannabis patients) with the opportunity to purchase a Bennabis Health Membership and receive educational materials and a discount on medical cannabis products at Network Dispensaries/PCOs in return.

By only providing these benefits when a member utilizes a Network Dispensary/PCO, Bennabis Health provides its dispensary partners with a new loyal recurring stream of patients. Network Dispensaries/PCOs also enjoy geographic exclusivity!

We connect dispensaries that are looking for loyal, educated patients and patients (or potential patients) looking for more education and direction. To that end, we have our own series of educational materials that are designed to help decrease the amount of time your staff needs to spend with each of our members who become your new patients.

Bennabis Health can increase your customer base by making medical cannabis an affordable alternative medicine for:

  • the curious patient who was interested in trying cannabis but thought it was too expensive
  • members of non-profit disease and condition-specific organizations who are not aware of the benefits of medical cannabis for their specific condition
  • former customers who would like to continue to use medical cannabis but cannot afford it
  • patients who need medical cannabis to lessen symptoms allowing them to continue with their medical treatment plans, like chemotherapy

The future for Bennabis Health:  Workers’ Compensation and Group Health Benefits

The next steps will involve Workers’ Compensation and Group Health benefits.  We will be working with local companies and unions along with their medical coverage brokers or consultants to have Bennabis Health added to their Medical Plan coverage as well.  This will be an exciting new benefit offering to help companies attract and retain good employees.

Bennabis Health will establish this groundbreaking new coverage by:

  • Contracting a geographically exclusive network of dispensaries
  • Achieving health insurance coverage for medical cannabis by additionally marketing the network to certain ancillary vendors
  • Marketing the network to non-profit disease and condition-specific organizations to allow their members access to medical cannabis through Bennabis Health
  • Managing the transactions between our Network Dispensaries and payors, relieving patients of the burden of up-front full payment, with payment to you on behalf of our payors
  • Requiring a dispensary product discount in exchange for the benefit of increasing your overall patient volume, providing access to condition-specific patients and giving you geographic exclusivity in your market.

We are currently inviting dispensaries to submit an expression of interest to learn more about this unique network opportunity. For additional information about the Bennabis Health Dispensary Network contact us at [email protected].