How Will Bennabis Health Benefit Dispensaries?

By increasing your customer base

Bennabis Health is committed to increasing affordability and access to medical marijuana for people throughout the country and will direct its members to network dispensaries. We are structuring benefit plans, membership, alliance relationships and employer-paid programs to improve patient health and to pay dispensaries directly.  We have a unique plan which allows patients access to what they need by decreasing out of pocket costs yet retaining the full POS payment customary at dispensaries.  

Via exclusive disruptive healthcare solutions, Bennabis Health can increase your customer base by making medical marijuana an affordable medicine for:

The new to cannabis patient who was interested in trying it but thought it was too expensive

Members of non-profit disease and condition-specific organizations (like the MS Society) who were not aware of the benefits of medical cannabis to their specific condition

Former customers who would like to continue to use medical cannabis but cannot afford the up front payment

Patients who need medical cannabis to lessen symptoms allowing them to continue with their treatment plans, like chemotherapy

Bennabis Health will establish this groundbreaking new coverage by:

Contracting a geographically exclusive network of dispensaries

Achieving health insurance coverage for medical cannabis by marketing the network to payors

Marketing the network to the non-profit disease and condition-specific organizations to allow their members access to medical cannabis through Bennabis Health

Managing the transactions between our network dispensaries and payors, relieving patients of the burden of up front full payment, with payment to you on behalf of our payors

Using cutting edge technology to allow for payment to be made directly to the dispensary at the time of sale with a combination of payments from both Bennabis Health and the customer

Requiring a modest dispensary product discount in exchange for the benefit of increasing your overall patient volume, providing access to condition-specific patients and giving you geographic exclusivity in your market

The Bennabis Health initiative is innovative and effective because our expertise as insurance professionals in handling health plans, workers’ compensation group claims and self-insured employer groups enables us to understand the complexities of becoming a third party provider for health benefits.  Our individual and alliance membership models align with medical diagnoses and conditions for which medical cannabis may be an appropriate adjunct to, or replacement for, costly, side-effect laden prescription medicines.

For additional information or to join the Bennabis Health Dispensary Network contact us at [email protected]