How Will Bennabis Health Benefit Brokers?

Brokers will have a new valuable benefit to offer their employer clients

Brokers are an integral part of any business looking to offer a dynamic benefits package to their employees.  Keep your clients ahead-of-the-curve with the ability to implement new strategies that result in improved employee health and lower claims risks. Brokers benefit by offering new products to their clients because savvy employees are looking for new and exciting fringe benefits. A well-rounded Benefits package can help drive retention of key employees and help attract new top talent.

A new product to offer to your payor clients, to strengthen your client relationships and broaden your book of business!

Bennabis Health is the first company creating a network of dispensaries to contract with your employer clients to offer medical cannabis as an employee benefit.

Bennabis Health manages the transactions between the payor and the dispensary, simplifying the process for both by enabling the payor to pay Bennabis Health rather than the dispensary.  Bennabis Health also provides payors with a layer of protection from uncertain federal risk.

Through employee co-insurance payments, our system solves the burden of full payment at point of service for patients, and reduces payor claims processing time by dealing solely with Bennabis Health….saving administrative time and invoicing.

Keeping benefit costs at the lowest level is a challenge for all organizations providing group health benefits. It’s well known that patients use marijuana to mitigate and control symptoms of chronic conditions. These chronic conditions result in high prescription costs and premiums. As data about the beneficial effects of marijuana as medicine becomes more mainstream, the question of including medical marijuana as an employee benefit will surely be among the questions asked. To date, the cost-benefit information has been limited, but a recent report suggests that the cost of coverage may be quite low. 

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